Jul 21, 2020
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Buying the 3rd Anniversary Bundle and Sci Fi crates!

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In this video, I played Roblox Flee the Facility! IT IS Flee the Facility Massive Summer 3rd Anniversary update! Flee the Facility is 3 years old this month! To celebrate, there is a new 3rd Anniversary Bundle and Sci Fi crates. The Classic Bundle and Lucky Bundle are also back in the shop but All of these are available for a limited time. The anniversary event will end on August 17, 2020 (8/17/2020).

The long lasting winter is gone. Summer is back in the lobby.

The other updates also include: Removed some top bar clutter and added in new chat icon, Health bars no longer overlap top bar icons, Side menu buttons are now 20% smaller on small screen devices, Visual changes to players list, Fixed “waiting for more players” bug that caused players to not load properly, Fixed overlapping game status bar UI on all screens, Fixed player list to update properly, Added in a health bar color change to blue when a survivor is losing health, Added in trading post servers list. Your friends will be highlighted and sorted to the top of server lists so they are easily found, Updated map thumbnails with new fog colors, Added in decrease beast chance button for the same price as increase beast chance, Disabled player collision, except for the beast. This change stops exploiters from flinging other players, stops the infinite crouch jump glitch, stops players from carrying afk players unknowingly, and stops players who purposefully block vents, Added in no-clipping rubberband anti-cheat. This will teleport players back to a previous spot if the server detects them going through a wall, Added door swing animations when opening and closing doors. Door collision is off when open and swinging, If all computers are hacked and beast leaves, survivors win, Changed beast pick algorithm to pick the player with the highest beast chance percent, When a survivor leaves the game or is frozen, -1 computer left to hack until 2 remain, When a freezing player leaves the game, a captured point is given to the beast, but only if the freezing player is below half health, the Reduced player’s max sound distance from 150 to 60 studs, Changed Freeze pod camping distance from 20 to 30 studs, You can no longer go the first person when in ragdoll mode, Improved ragdoll flop. Now ragdolls can flop every 1.5 seconds, Now map voting only works at intermission time, Exit door escape trigger now only activates once the exit door is open, Updated each map with Roblox’s latest fog system, each map now has its own fog color to better fit the mood and MORE!

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