Apr 12, 2021
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In this video, I am playing Roblox Tower Heroes! Use the code: ONEYEAR_TH to get a free skin! I am back to Duo the Honeycomb Heist Map (EASY) mode with my friend Chocolate! I have yet beaten the Hard mode to get Beatrice, but will continue to try! I have already beaten all 3 modes in Easter Eggland Map!

Other updates in the game Tower Heroes includes: Easter Event, Bunny Returns, Bunny attack Updated, Easter Eggland Map (Updated Easter Island), Beetrice Hero (Made by BoxboiJakers), Honeycomb Heist Map (Made by BoxboiJakers), Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Booker Skin), Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Jester Egg Skin), Easter Skin Crate, Easter Lobby, New Easter Enemies and Bosses, New Honeycomb Heist Enemies and Bosses, Easter and Honeycomb Reward Skins, Easter Mimic and Honeycomb Mimic, Modifiers (Change up things in Casual Mode!) AND SO MUCH MORE!

Defeat waves of enemies with heroes you’ve unlocked and earn coins and level up for clearing waves! Coins can be spent on skin crates and more heroes. Each hero has a unique ability when it comes to clearing waves; so make sure to equip the right towers for the job!

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