Jun 4, 2020
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Escaping from High School’s Zombie Principle!

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In this video, I played Roblox Field Trip Z Story Game! Your life is about to take a Field Trip because of unexpected events, will you be able to survive the zombie Apocalypse? Find out in this story game!

It was the first day of School in Robloxian High School! Our teacher Mrs. Karen showed us the school and will be teaching us. When class was in session, the principal called our teacher out and one of the students opened a roof tile of the classroom! When it’s time for lunch, the whole cafeteria was empty and not open! In the midst of History class, we saw a zombie outside of our class window. Soon after zombies started to come into our classroom! We had to climb up to the roof tile that was opened earlier and make our way through a vent to the principal’s office! When the principal saw us, he made us go back to our class. The principal was attacked and hurt by a zombie and we went back to his office. In the principal’s office, we saw a breaking news broadcast of a Zombie Outbreak in the area! We then went to the supply closet to get some weapons to protect ourselves. The Principal was infected and became a zombie, he came to attack us! We got him down and Police Donut Dave showed up and plans to help us escape! We went to the Science room to listen to a broadcast, it says that the military has set up a safe zone where we must get to immediately.

Just as the broadcast ended, a horde of zombies came chasing us! We decided to run towards the rooftop. We had to get pass lots of obstacles to get to the police car. Not long after we drove in the police car, the road was blocked off and we have to take a detour on foot. In the alley, we met Dumpster Diver Dan who offers to provide us with a shelter but we needed to get some supplies before going there. Soon after a short rest, another horde of zombies found us and we have to run again! After we reached a clear area, we had to make a decision of going straight to the military area with Policeman Dave or going through the sewers with Dumpster Diver Dan. We choose to go to the military area. When we reached the Military safe zone, everybody is already dead and gone! The Zombie principal became much stronger and found us! We had to try to defeat him and escape in a military helicopter!

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