Jun 19, 2020
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EVIL JESTER seeking revenge!

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In this video, I played Roblox Jester [Story]! A story game adventure centered around the story of an evil mystical being Jester named Jovial. Hundreds of years ago, there was a Jester, he was rumored to dabble in the arts of dark magic. He got tired of amusing the king… It turns out, he was an all-powerful being from another dimension… This Jester took it upon himself to overthrow the King! BUT! The King had three of his strongest wizards lock him up in a secret underground passage, cursed with eternal life, destined to live in a deep dark cell for his crimes… On that very day, they realized it was too late, for Jovial’s plan had gone into effect. Then the entire castle crumbled into Bits and Pieces! The Wizards still managed to lock him up after that, to save the rest of the world, but the rest is history… He’s been aching for revenge and might just get it… Beware to those who would unlock the barrier, doing so would free the prisoner, who would surely cause destruction to the world as revenge…

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