Jul 18, 2020
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How to Defeat Wizard, make SPELLBOOK, mushroom blocks, and more!

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In this video, I played Roblox Islands [WIZARDS]! Sky Block or SkyBlox which is now renamed Islands IS BACK! With NEW UPDATES! – I will show you How to Defeat Wizards to get all color pages and make the Spell Book, Mushroom Block, and more! There’s a new Wizard Mob Island where you need to defeat some Buffalkor on Buffalkor Island to get the key to enter the new Wizard mob Island. You can find the lizard wizards in this new Island, you have to keep killing these Lizard wizards to get a lucky drop of RED, Blue, and Green Pages to make the Spellbook which is a WEAPON you can use the same way the Wizard is using them! You can also find mushrooms, acorns, horseradish, daffodil, crocus, and more on this new island! 

Why was Skyblox or now ISLANDS down? Because ‘Minecraft’ Had a Huge Problem With Skyblock in ‘Roblox’. The root of the issue was a DMCA complaint or copyright issue! The game is back now, stronger with new updates and all progress has NOT been lost!

The new Skyblox / Islands update includes: Wizard Lizard Mob, Spellbook, Mushroom & Mushroom Block, Foraging Items (acorn & horseradish), New flowers (daffodil & crocus), Added a tutorial for new players and MORE!

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