Jun 20, 2020
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How to escape Chapters 1 and 3!

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In this video, I played Roblox Zombie Tag! I have 3 Working Codes to share and I will also show you how to escape Chapter 1 – Graveyard and Chapter 3 – Desert Ruins map! It’s a Tag game with 3 maps of escape game features. Escape game like the piggy style but forever on infection mode.

How to key in the codes: It is not on your game screen, You have to look for a board in the lobby that says PROMO CODE, key in the code, and presses the USE button to redeem it.

There are currently 6 maps in the game (Graveyard, City, Desert Ruins, Titanic, Hospital, and Woods) but only 3 of them (Graveyard, City, and Desert Ruins) contain the escape feature. In all the 3 chapters you basically need to find keys to unlock safes and get the items to fix up the helicopter to escape. If you happen to go to the other 3 maps without the escape feature, it will be just a normal zombie tag game. The keys would not spawn immediately once you load into the map also the zombie player selection, it will take a few seconds where they select a player to become the zombie who is supposed to infect the other players and make them zombies, then the keys will also spawn around the map.

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