Jun 28, 2020
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In this video, I played Skyblox! I will show you how to get all fruit trees, Apple, Orange, Lemon and Avocado trees (Avocado sapling can be bought from the market) and how to get Crystallized Gold to make the New Food Processor! I joined myself with a few other ALT accounts and get the fruit trees from these accounts, Yes, I robbed myself! As each account will get a random fruit tree sapling and new accounts will actually have the fruit tree growing in their plot when they join. Just keep joining with your other alt accounts and you can get all the fruit trees in no time. What if you do not have any alt accounts? MAKE A FEW! Oh but you do need to have at least two devices for this to work.

For the Food Processor, I would suggest you not make one because it doesn’t work very well and it seems lots of the ingredients get lost in the process. Example, Lemon Bread, you need 3 lemons and dough but when you click the industrial chest to place the lemons, each click place in 5 lemons and 5 dough! I realized that in the end I only get ONE lemon bread, which means it wasted 2 lemons and few dough in the process. ALSO, the grinding for the Crystallized Gold was not easy!

I also combined my food processor with my industrial oven so that the food gets baked once it comes out of the processor!

Apart from Building your own island, Creating huge farms, Selling items to make money, Cooking tasty delicacies, and Gather valuable resources.

There’s a new update in sky block, including Fruit trees, Each player has a native fruit unique to their island. Trade to get them all, Auto-craft food with the new Food Processor, Crystallized Gold, Selling food to the baker is now much more profitable, Items no longer collide with each other on conveyors and New pro portal

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