Aug 2, 2020
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In this video, I played Roblox JERRY [RESCUE MODE]! I Tried out the new Rescue Mode and also will be showing you how to get the SECRET ENDING for Floor 1 Cold Storage map of this game! 

The 3 important step to get the secret ending on floor 1 Jerry: 

Step 1 – find the computer room and key in this number 5127 into the key pad! These number can be found around the map!

Step 2 – find the data chip for the freezer (Inside the red lock room) fix the data chip and turn the temperature to -20

Step 3 – Find the hammer and go to this door that says DO NOT ENTER and click on the rusty hammer!

Jerry is an Ice Cream Man gone Crazy and seems to have mysterious secrets, as the game description says so! Can we piece together the clues and solve the Mysteries behind Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory?

It is a survival horror experience, inspired by Piggy, Granny, Kitty, Spider, Bakon & more, featuring YOU! Do you have what it takes investigate JERRY’S Ice Cream Factory & piece together the truth?! The JERRY game features FLOORS instead of Chapters!

The currency in this game are Popsicle, you can earn them by escaping as survivors or winning as Jerry the Crazy Ice Cream man. You can buy skin crates and even Trade other players in this game!

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