Jul 12, 2020
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How to get Starfruit Seeds, Making Sea Lantern, and MORE!

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In this video, I played Roblox Skyblox [AQUAMARINE]! I Got Starfruit Seeds, bought a starfruit totem, made Aquamarine Sword, Sea Lanterns, and MORE! We went to Buffalkor Island to harvest starfruit that now spawns all around the Buffalkor Island and Starfruit Seeds are RARE DROPS from harvesting these starfruits on this Island! I an unlucky so I didn’t get any but my friend Parkour Disaster got 3 Starfruit Seeds and gave them to me! Shout out to him and his link is in the description below, check out his channel!

The new Update includes Bamboo! Collect it on the slime island, Bamboo blocks & dried bamboo, Starfruit Crop, Starfruit Cake, Starfruit Totem, Aquamarine Sword, Aquamarine Rocks (found underwater), Aquamarine block & bricks, Sea Lantern, Coral & Sea Grass blocks, Input/Output Automated Chest, Iron door that only build-access players can use, Hold F to harvest crops, Improved wood plank textures, Fixed an issue that caused players to lose their item-in-hand when falling into the void, Slime island no longer requires a key to enter and MORE!

Roblox Skyblock or now called SkyBlox was inspired by the classic “Sky Block” Minecraft game mode! The concept behind the game is simple, you spawn on a small floating island of your own and start gathering resources, farming, crafting, and exploring outside your own map. Build your own island, Create huge farms, Sell items to make money, Cook tasty delicacies, Gather valuable resources, and more!

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