Jul 30, 2020
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How to get Tidal Spellbook SECRET WEAPON!

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In this video, I played Roblox Islands [SECRET WEAPON]! Sky Block or SkyBlox which is now renamed Islands! – I Got the secret weapon not because I have the blueprint but because my friend Parkour Disaster has it and made it for me! You need to defeat the Lizard Wizards in Wizard Mob Island where you need to defeat some Buffalkor on Buffalkor Island to get the key to enter the new Wizard mob Island. You can find the lizard wizards in this new Island, you have to keep killing these Lizard wizards to get a lucky drop of RED, Blue, and Green Pages to make the Spellbook which is a WEAPON you can use the same way the Wizard is using them! Also, you can get an Extremely rare drop of a SECRET WEAPON Blueprint where you can craft the Tidal Spellbook! The ingredients needed to craft the Tidal Spellbook aka secret weapon are A NORMAL SPELLBOOK and TWO CRYSTALISED AQUAMARINE! Crystallized Aquamarine can be found by mining the Aquamarine ores underwater when you mine you will get a rare drop of the Crystallized Aquamarine along with Aquamarine shards!

The new Skyblox / Islands update includes New SECRET weapon blueprint! Extremely rare drop chance from killing wizards, Dried grass block, Gravel block, Added two night time music tracks, You can now place blocks further below your island and MORE!

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