Jun 17, 2020
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In this video, I played Roblox Ghost Simulator again! This time not to defeat the Final Boss but for a SECRET in the BloxByteHQ to get a secret Bo-Board also called Bo-ard. This board is actually not godly or mythical but CORRUPTED! One of it’s kind! It’s Ghost Hunter Bo who will usually only appear during events like Dinosaur, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Event who will give you the final quest when you open the secret room door after solving all the puzzles.

To unlock the secret door to get to Ghost Hunter Bo, you need to figure out and solve puzzles in each developer’s room or workspace.

First, you need to get the Bo’s Ghastly Cane from inside the pink chest in the teal room to start off the puzzle game! If you didn’t get the cane first, you can’t click the keys even if you found them.
Each room has one puzzle to unlock and solve, from keying in codes, colors, switches to typing in the chat! Amazingly designed escape room-style puzzle quest! Fun but challenging at the same time!

Ghost Simulator, a Roblox simulator game where players vacuum up ghosts for game currencies on top of the parts that different ghosts in different areas or biomes will drop when you get them. There are currently 4 different worlds with many biomes within each world. Main World, Ghost World, Backdoor, and the new BloxByte HQ (Mini-World)! Teleportation to each of these different worlds means teleportation to another game server!

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