Jun 1, 2020
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I got the Insane SECRET ENDING!

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In this video, I played Roblox Space [STORY]! We got the Secret Ending badge which is rated INSANE to get!

Me and Chocolatechippop were on a mission to deliver supplies to the space station and meet up with the crew of Stromono Space Station.  Lara is the Stromono’s Artificial Intelligence and station Computer. When we reached the Stromono Space Station, our ship broke off and we had to find another way to get home to Earth.  When we asked Lara about the crew that is supposed to be on the space station, it says there’s NO CREW! When made our way to Bay 2, we found all the crew members dead! When we try to take control of the Shuttle, the Remote Piloting System Blew up! After listening to the Holographic message left behind by one of the crew, First Officer Kingsley, we realized that one of the crew members brought back some Alien creature eggs which they found while making a fuel stop from Mars. They Incubated the Alien eggs in Stromono space station’s Medbay and one of the eggs hatched. The Alien Creature broke loose and started attacking all the crew and killed them all. We detected motion on the ship after the message and was attacked by the alien creature. We need to make our way to the escape pods in Bay 3 while surviving the Alien creature’s attack.

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