Jun 5, 2020
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How to get Jester in Tower Heroes

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In this video, I played Roblox Tower Heroes! Today in this game I will try to beat the HARD level in the Chaos Kingdom to get JESTER tower hero. We tried for the first time and ALMOST made it! It was so close so we decided to go to the lobby and buy the Kart Kid then re-enter the game again for the second try! You can only get the Jester by choosing the hard mode on the map call the Chaos Kingdom! We actually had a VERY LAGGY GAME because of the massive towers attacking Jester Boss but we actually WON in the end!

Defeat waves of enemies with towers you’ve unlocked and earned money and XP for clearing waves! Money can be spent on skin crates and more towers. Each tower has a unique ability when it comes to clearing waves; so make sure to equip the right towers for the job!

The towers I used when I won the round were: Lemonade Cat, Spectre, Scientist, Kart Kid, And Fracture! In my opinion, Spectre is really important as when it’s fully upgraded, it actually boosts the tower’s attacking power around it by quite a lot even other player’s towers, not only your own! Also, this is a TEAM player game, nobody can win it alone.

Jester is the hardest boss in the game Tower Heroes. You can try to beat the Jester boss in the Hard mode of Chaos Kingdom. It isn’t easy. The boss has 2.5 Million Health XP which is a lot. Also, there will be all have bosses in the last 4 stages to make it even harder. The creators made it a little easier by adding a boost to your towers somewhere in the middle of the round. For example, a Max fracture with a spectre near it does 200 damage when without the boost it had only 80 damage (you can boost that even more if you have Spectre fully upgraded). It still is tricky because of his speed and his being able to take down any wall by just walking over it. Once you beat this boss you will get a Jester Tower as a reward.

The Jester tower is a cute summoner hero, It’s basically a gambling machine. Sometimes you get something good, for an example, he summons an ally like a Goblin. But, sometimes it could also spawn another enemy. That’s the only trait of the level 1 Jester hero. Upon leveling up to level 2, he will gain another ability called Random Effect. This could also be good because of putting effects on Enemies. But, it also could be bad, because it could give the enemy an effect called Heal. This effect heals enemies. So, next is the level, 3 Jester hero. At level 3, Jester gains a new ability called Give Mana. Sometimes. you will get free mana. But, he can also take away mana. Level 4 doesn’t offer anything new, it just changes the model and raises the health of summoned allies. Now, the Level 5 Jester hero is literally a gambling machine. It adds a new skill which is called Jackpot.

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