Jun 3, 2020
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Making Vending Machine, Furniture, Lighting Station, and Floral Bench!

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In this video, I played Roblox Sky Block [TRADING]! I made all the things from Vending Machine, Furniture, Lighting Stations stuffs, and Floral Bench! Showing my new improved plot and all the furniture I have got so far from this update!

Roblox Skyblock is inspired by the classic “Sky Block” Minecraft game mode! The concept behind the game is simple, you spawn on a small floating island of your own and start gathering resources, farming, crafting, and exploring outside your own map. Build your own island, Create huge farms, Sell items to make money, Cook tasty delicacies, Gather valuable resources, and more!

New updates include:

Vending Machine

Which is used for trading so that you do not get scam or rip off when trading without it. The concept is genius, you place the stuff you want to trade away in the machine and simply name the price for each item you want to trade or sell for. So basically you can trade things or Sell things by placing the items you want to trade away in the vending machine that you have to make with (Crystallized iron, Green Sticky Gears, and Gold). You can place the Vending machine near the spawn area so that when people are invited to your Island can see what you are trading or selling.

Carpentry Workbench

Which you just need 30 wood to make. After you made this, it will come with 3 free furniture that you can make straight away: Wooden Chair, Wooden Stool, and Wooden table. If you want better and nicer furniture like the ones I showed you in the videos, you need to go talk to the merchants in the market place and complete their quest for blueprints which will give you new furniture to craft. Each blueprint gives you one piece of furniture. I have only 3 new blueprints but Chocolate gave me lots of furniture that she made, watch the video to see them all!

I also bought both the Lighting Station and Floral Bench game pass and made some beautiful and wonderful items like lanterns and flower bushes!

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