Jun 24, 2020
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NEW CODE! Hotdog Frank Hero and Alien Attack Map!

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In this video, I played Roblox Tower Heroes, I have a new code for skin and tried out the new map Alien Attack Easy mode and won the Astronaut Skin reward for the Scientist Hero! In this game, you Defeat waves of enemies with towers you’ve unlocked and earned money and XP for clearing waves! Money can be spent on skin crates and more towers. Each tower has a unique ability when it comes to clearing waves; so make sure to equip the right towers for the job!

There are currently 12 maps in this game: Desolate Desert, Castle Town, Corporate Chaos, Volcano Valley, Facility Frenzy, Knoddy’s Resort, Canyon Calamity, Glowing Glacier, Frantic Forest, Chaos Kingdom, Pirate Panic, Rooftop Rumble and the new Alien Attack Map!

When you start off the game, you will be given Wizard and Chef as free tower heroes. When you gradually win and earns more coins in the game you can buy other hero or towers like Lemonade Cat (doesn’t attack but used for earning more mana in-game), Voca, Scientist, Dumpster Child, Spectre (does not attack but used to enhance the heroes and towers around it), Byte, Kart Kid, Slime King, Fracture, Beebo, Jester, Bunny (earned from Easter Island Event). Some towers have to be earned by completing a certain map and quest, like the Slime King, Fracture, Beebo. Jester and Bunny.

Skins are a feature of Tower Heroes and come from Crates (they include the Basic Crate, Material Crate, Sparkle Crate and Rare Crate), Quests and Codes. Skins can be used to customize towers as a cosmetic
– Normal Skins. Normal Skins can be acquired via Crates. They are all universal skins, meaning they can be applied to any Tower at any time. Skins in Tower Heroes can be used infinite times on different Towers, meaning you can apply it on several Towers at once.
– Special Skins. Special Skins can be acquired from Quests and they are usually exclusive to an individual tower. They cannot be applied to different towers at once due to being exclusive to only a certain individual tower.

– Code Skins. Code Skins can be acquired via Codes.

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