Jul 26, 2020
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New to the game but escaped all 3 CHAPTERS!

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In this video, I played Roblox Kitty! I manage to escape all 3 Chapters with help of all the pros in the game even though I am a noob to this game, this is a game like Piggy or Granny but instead of Piggy or Granny, it’s KITTY character in this game. There are currently three Chapters or maps in the game now also there’s a secret ending in each of the chapters! I will show you in the next Kitty video how to get the secret endings! Chapter 1 – House Map, Chapter 2 – Club Map, and Chapter 3 – Neighborhood map!

Hello, Kitty is a game that combines an adventure style with a cartoon plot, such as Scooby! Peppa Pig, sponge bob square pants, Etc, which is based on a universe called Televerso, you must go through the different maps, to reach the final objective, we begin this adventure. Which means you need to find keys and items to open the exit and escape before the time runs out, you can also save other players when they are caught and locked up in cages! The different thing in this game is that you can hold two items at once!

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