Jul 4, 2020
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Pac Man and the ghostly adventures on Roblox!

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In this video, I played Roblox Pac-Blox! I went on adventures as both the ghost and packy which is what I call Pac Blox or Pac Man. I like being Pac Blox or Pac man but it’s hard to win as you are up against 4 other players that are ghosts who will try to catch and freeze you while you try to eat all the pellets before you get caught or the time runs out!

Chomp your way to victory in Pac-Blox! Take turns competing with your friends and foes as the ghostly squids, and journey through tricky mazes to freeze the hungry tangerine before the maze is cleared! This is a maze game, Pac Blox who must eat all the pellets inside an enclosed maze while avoiding four colored ghosts. Eating large flashing pellets called “energizers” causes the ghosts to turn purple, allowing Pac-Blox to eat them for bonus points. When all of the pellets are eaten, the Pac Blox wins. If Pac-Blox makes contact with a ghost, he will lose a life; the game ends when all 3 lives are lost. This game was probably inspired by the all so famous game Pac-Man!

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