Dec 23, 2020
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In this video, I am playing Roblox BEAR * [CHRISTMAS]! I have a new Christmas Event Code to share and trying to find all five soda cans! Also called BEAR 2, is the new sequel to BEAR released on September 20, 2020!

Default Gamemode

Bear or Bob is randomized between whichever players are in the server, and whoever is chosen to be Bear or Bob must touch and kill every survivor to win. They cannot run, but they cannot be harmed by anything. If Bear or Bob fails to catch all the survivors before the timer ends, Bear or Bob loses. If they manage to catch all the survivors, the Bear or Bob wins the round.


As a survivor with 100 health starting, you must avoid touching Bear too many times and solving puzzles for 4 minutes. You can make time to decrease by solving puzzles. The more Bear touches you, the more your health will decrease. Each hit does 25 damage. survivors can have a 100 bar for a sprint so they can run away from the bear. Once the speed bar is below 25, you need to wait until it fills up again.

Bear OR Bob

As a Bear, you can jump higher than survivors and run faster than them if they aren’t sprinting. The main goal as a bear is to kill survivors by touching them, preventing them from doing puzzles, and to kill everyone before the time limit hits 0. The bear has a red light that glows around them.

Bear is a vicious, all devouring entity that overran the world faster than anyone could’ve anticipated. Bear only needs to get lucky once, while you must get lucky every single time.

The new Christmas Update includes: Christmas Event is Here! Christmas Map designs, New Skins and Kill Effects, New Quests and MORE!

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