Aug 10, 2020
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In this video, I played Roblox Islands! I will show you how and where to get all the ITEMS from the NEW POTIONS UPDATE! I made both of the potions, made the Artifact Bow, bought the jukebox and found music disks from killing some mobs! For making the Artifact Bow, you need 3 Ancient Slime String and 1 Hardened Bow Limb to craft. Ancient Slime String is a rare drop from Slimes, and you can craft the Hardened Bow Limb for 300 Maple Wood!

More information on the potions:

Regen Potion actually Regenerates your health over time, great to use when injured in fighting! You need starfruit, Red mushroom and Empty Potion bottles to make it!

Strength Potion gives you Additional Damage when fighting the Mobs when using melee weapons.

You can also get a new Weapon blueprint from the Scorpion Mob call the Vampire Bow! First thing to do is head to the Wizard Island. You will need to kill Slime to get a Buffalkor Key, then kill Buffalkor to get the Wizard Island key. Slay a bunch of Wizards, and you will eventually get the Desert Island Key which leads to the new Desert Island.

Now that you have the key, head over to the Desert Island! Run around the island and you will find an area that spawns a bunch of mean looking scorpions. Using a spellbook is going to be your best bet, so you can stay further away from them. This is your life now until you find the blueprint! The drop is incredibly rare! When you find the blueprint and use it, you will be able to craft Vamp Bows! These require 1 Artifact Bow and 1 Ruby Skorp Stinger. You will have hopefully gotten the stingers while you were out farming for the blueprint.

Apart from Building your own island, Creating huge farms, Selling items to make money, Cooking tasty delicacies and Gather valuable resources.

The new Skyblock / Islands update includes: Potion Brewing, Desert Island, Skorp Mob, Basic Bow, Artifact Bow, Vamp Bow, Red Sandstone Block (with brick, slab and stair), Added 3 new music disks found from killing mobs, Dead Bush and MORE!

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