Jan 25, 2021
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In this video, I am playing Roblox Spider! I keep spaying the spiders with bug sprays and buying the LUNA spider skin!

It is another Piggy type of game but instead of Piggy it’s a spider, spider man or spider piggy. The game has one map as it’s new and how the game works is basically the same as any other Piggy game. One player will be chosen by the SPIDER to be the Spider man or Spider woman, the other players will be the survivors that has to try to avoid being killed by the spider and still try to find items and keys to unlock the Exit to escape!

The game has an interesting way of choosing who becomes the spider – a tiny black spider will actually choose from all the players sitting around a table and bites him or her. Also the trap that the spider places are not bear traps like the other piggy games, guess what, it is a spiderweb! The game actually gives the spider hunter a bigger advantage than the players because of the ladders that ONLY the spider can climb to access a lot of areas!

Also if you find the game or Killing too bloody, you can turn off the blood in setting to make it less scary!

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