Sep 2, 2020
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SECRET BADGES and Good Ending

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In this video, I played Roblox DAYCARE 2 STORY Game! I manage to get 4 out of the 8 Secret badges but I will tell you how to get most of the secret badges!

How to get all secret badges:

Secret Badge 1 – Burn yourself to death at the camping site’s campfire!

Secret Badge 2 – Ride the special mine cart that looks like a plane or rocket! (random chance)

Secret Badge 3 – Kill the wolf (last strike on the wolf and kills it)

Secret Badge 4 – Find a special red fish in the Daycare’s Aquarium / fish tank and eat it (You will die after eating it)

Secret Badge 5 – Chop 5 trees after you get the axe at the campsite (you can still chop the trees to get the badge even after the task is finished)

Secret Badge 6 – Build a Sand Castle at the sand pit!

Secret Badge 7 – Shake the painting until it drops and enter the secret room next to the couch area!

Secret Badge 8 – Win the football match!

LOOK in the time line description if you do not know where or when to get the badges!

We are on our way to the BEST Daycare in the city! Play around, socialize and explore with 6-12 friends! Everybody is living the best time of their lives … Or at least that’s what we thought.

Inspired by Cracky4’s Break In Story and a sequel to Daycare story!

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