Jul 19, 2020
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The NEW CASUAL MODE is much harder than Challenge Mode!

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In this video, I played Roblox Tower Heroes! I tried playing the New Casual mode and I realized that the casual mode is harder than the normal or challenge mode! WHY DID THE GAME CREATOR NAME IT CASUAL MODE? Anybody with Common sense would think CHALLENGE MODE is HARDER than CASUAL MODE!!! Luckily we tried the easiest map and in medium difficulty and we won. In normal mode, I can win this map alone with no problem, but in this casual mode, I definitely cannot win without help! Anyways you can find the new bosses only in the Casual mode, the challenge mode still stays the same with all the original bosses!

Defeat waves of enemies with towers you’ve unlocked and earned money and XP for clearing waves! Money can be spent on skin crates and more towers. Each tower has a unique ability when it comes to clearing waves; so make sure to equip the right towers for the job!

Well, The new update includes: Casual Mode (Same waves and bosses on all maps regardless of what level you are), Added 3 new bosses and a handful of new enemies, Challenge Mode (Fight map exclusive bosses), More linear progression (You unlock the ability to fight certain exclusive bosses once you reach certain levels), Contest Skins and other skins, Results Screen, Lobby improvements (New Lobby Coming Soon), More options when buying coins, Unlock an exclusive skin when you buy the coin, Balancing for the Jester Hero and More!

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